At Haškovcová&Co. we aim to develop a leading specialist law firm that offers top-class and top-quality services to our clients. We refuse to accept any compromises and mediocrities in the quality of our services. Quality is our driving force.

We focus on our clients‘ priorities and aim to assist our clients in realising their business objectives. The understanding of our clients’ individual needs and circumstances is always an inevitable beginning for us, from which a mutually rewarding advisory relationship develops. The strength of our advisory services lies in our deep understanding of the commercial background behind the transaction. We aim to facilitate our clients’ deals and, whilst supporting them with our best efforts and legal knowledge, together with our clients, we make it happen.

We do not want to overburden our clients with the complexity of the legal issues that we solve for them – that is our work. The final product must be comprehensible for our clients and simultaneously highly effective. Our ability to explain the law in an understandable way is a further strength of ours.

We aim to establish a professional and mature working environment that each member of our team may not only identify with, but be proud of. We offer an environment of teamwork where the individual needs and circumstances of our colleagues are always considered. We believe that our clients also benefit from such approach.