Special work visa: New way to employ foreigners

An amendment of the Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic has become effective on the 31st July 2019. The amendment introduces a new kind of visa – Special work visa, which is a response to a serious lack of employees in certain professions.

Foreign Nationals (expect for nationals of EU/EEA and Switzerland) may only work in the Czech Republic on the basis of a short-term visa and a work permit. Another option is to obtain a permit for long-term residence, such as the employee card, which entitles foreign national to temporary residence for a period longer than 3 months and to work on a particular job.

The new Special work visa may be issued to foreign nationals, who obtained work permit and who intend to stay for a period longer than 90 days. The special visa will be limited to specific nations and economic sectors and also subject to a maximum head count. The opportunities for special work visas will be set out by governmental decisions, based on actual state of labor market. The validity of the visa will be limited for 1 year, without the possibility of extension.

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