Employment Law

Some of our key strengths include employment law and collective negotiation issues. Our services are primarily intended for employers. We offer complex legal advice in the practical application of employment law and related regulations.

We regularly provide our clients with advice relating to all forms of employment documentation, including employment contracts, internal regulations and documentation relating to the termination of employment. Our services include in particular:

  • employment contracts – conclusion, changes and termination;
  • collective negotiation and contracts, dealing with trade unions;
  • legal issues related to firm / branch closure and reorganization, collective redundancies;
  • employment dispute settlement (including invalid / unfair dismissal);
  • preparation of internal rules for employees;
  • employment of foreign employees (EU / third country);
  • employment related regulatory issues, health insurance and social security; and
  • other common employment law issues (incentives, transfers of rights, adjustment of working conditions, equal treatment, non-discrimination etc.)