Real Estate and Construction

  • Leading real estate financing company – Advice on all legal matters relating to the development of a major office and mixed use project in Brno, including landlord-tenant relationships and construction law issues.
  • Swiss and UK based Investors Group – Advice on a major residential project including regulatory issues, zoning and construction, infrastructure construction and advice on investors‘ relationships issues.
  • Joint venture company holding CZK 1 billion in real property –   Advice on all ongoing commercial and real estate related issues as well as financing and corporate issues. Advice on regulatory issues regarding zoning and construction, and infrastructure construction. Advice on investors‘ relationship issues.
  • Luxembourg based fund – Advice on all ongoing matters relating to the fund’s portfolio in the CEE (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary); this in particular includes advice on regulatory fund issues, advice on corporate law matters (holding and subsidiaries‘ relationship), advice on fund management/investors‘ relationship, advice on real estate-construction law matters.

Corporate and M&A

  • Scandinavian-based healthcare group – Advice on all ongoing corporate and commercial issues, advice on company changes, contracts and relations with suppliers, regulation of advertisement, etc.
  • Company developing and marketing structural software products within CEE, Germany, Switzerland and BENELUX – Advice on all ongoing corporate and commercial issues including contributions outside of registered capital, the organisation of general meetings, relationship with managing directors.
  • Renowned electrical engineering company – Advice on company’s financial restructuring. Advice on various ongoing corporate, financing and commercial issues (company changes, contracts with suppliers and customers, relationship with board members, etc.).
  • Leading provider of enterprise software solutions – Advice on all ongoing corporate and commercial issues of the outsourcing service centre for Europe and South Africa (company changes, company’s expansion in service lines, secondment of employees, expat employee issues, bonus scheme, Service Level Agreements with various countries participating in the scheme, etc.).
  • Prestigious company specialising in the funding of cars, corporate machinery and real estate – Advice on various ongoing corporate and commercial issues (mainly legal opinions).

Debt enforcement, insolvency

  • Leading Czech provider of motor vehicle financing – Comprehensive administration and enforcement of receivables within insolvency proceedings (the lodgement of receivables, effective enforcement of the collateral, negotiation with the insolvency administrators, representation within the incidental proceedings), inheritance (the lodgement of receivables, negotiation with the inheritors, out-of court settlements,  court actions), liquidations (the lodgement of claims, negotiation with liquidators and enforcement of the collateral) and passive executions (the exclusion of assets from execution and enforcement within public auctions). The nominal value of the administered receivables amounts to CZK 300 million.